Mink Lash Hacks

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 Here are some Mink Lash hacks to help you step up your lash game! 


Cut it! 

The bands on Embellishment Lashes are purposefully long. When taking the mink lashes out of the case you may find that they fit too long or too wide for your natural eye shape. To ensure that they fit, place the false lash on your lash line to determine where it stops at the edge of your lash line, and then cut the excess off. 


Flabby Lashes? 

Have your lashes lost their shape? Make sure you are putting your lashes back in their case after each use. Wrapping your strip lash around a makeup brush can encourage the band to curve, making it easier to apply to your natural lash line. An eyelash curler is a good item to whip those lashes back into shape. Another hack is bending the band in the shape of your eye.    


Got Glue? 

Finding the right eyelash adhesive can be tricky. Some can dry white, black, or clear. Try to avoid adhesive that dries white. A clear or black adhesive is the most desirable. The clear adhesive is transparent once it dries. Once black adhesive dries it can act as eyeliner and can add definition to your eyes. Avoid lash adhesives that contain formaldehyde. This toxic chemical is found in some lash adhesives and can cause you to have a minor to extreme reaction. 


Eyeliner to the rescue!  

If your Embellishment Lash is not blending perfectly with your lash line or the adhesive dries to an undesirable color, simply apply eyeliner to your lash line to blend. Eyeliner will conceal most imperfections!  


More Mascara! 

Mascara can help blend your natural lash with your Embellishment Lashes. After applying your strip lash, use black mascara to push your natural lash into the false lash. This is encouraging the lashes to blend and be the same color. 


Disinfect! Disinfect! Disinfect! 

Embellishment Lashes can be reused up to 25 times! There are going to need to be cleaned and disinfected. If you do not clean them regularly, bacteria will grow on them, and they will begin to look stiff. Pour some 70% Isopropyl Alcohol into a little bowl. Place your used lashes into the bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes. Pat dry and place the lashes back in their case!  


Be Gone Lash! 

Having problems with lash removal? Try melting a little coconut and apply the oil to the lash band with a q-tip. The warm coconut oil breaks down the adhesive, allowing the eyelash to slide right off with ease. The oil will also remove the rest of your eye makeup. 


Apply Adhesive To Your Lash Line! 

Many find it difficult to apply adhesive to their lash band. A great alternative would be to apply the adhesive to your natural lash line instead. To succeed, be sure to apply a thin coat of adhesive extremely close to your natural lash line, and allow the adhesive to become tacky before applying your lash. 


Lashes can truly make a diffence and is a great addition to your makeup routine. Many underestimate the power of a beautiful pair of lashes. They add a touch of glam and can take a makeup look to an entirely different level. Add some lashes to a great hairstyle and you are good to go! If you all have any eye lash hacks comment them below!